Babette Demuynck

Babette graduated in 2013 as a dietitian at Leuven University College. After graduating from secondary school, she did not immediately know what she wanted to study. Her first choice was primary education. In this she noticed that she loved to work with children. However, teaching general subjects turned out not to be her thing, but the passion for working with children remained. When she had to make a choice again, she consciously chose nutrition and dietetics. At the time, she was eating in an unhealthy way by imposing restrictions and rules on herself, not listening to her hunger pangs, constantly standing on the scales and being dissatisfied with herself. The choice for the training arose from the motivation to support people who struggle with similar negative feelings based on her own experience and professional knowledge.

Her main interest lies in guiding children, adolescents and adults who are overweight and obese. She also likes to help emotional eaters and people who already suffer from their weight (pre-diabetes, diabetes, disturbed cholesterol, ...).

During the guidance she finds it important to act as a coach. This means that she sees you as an expert in your life and she will send you with her professional knowledge and ideas to your personal goal.

“I would like to hear the word“ want ”but not the word“ must ”. You don't want anything from me, but it is very nice if you want a lot. Taking care of yourself, cooking healthy and tasty, giving yourself a rest, daring to see yourself, doing the things you like to do, feeling fit by moving more, ... Together with you it is my goal to go from "wanting" to "Can" and "do" go. Yes, you can! "

In addition to being a dietician, Babette is also an employee of an organic-local food store in Leuven, The Food Hub. She can enjoy the pure flavors that seasonal food offers you and finds it interesting to know which way food has taken and to get to know the producer behind the product. Babette deliberately does not eat meat, because she finds animal suffering and the environment important. However, she is open to different eating styles. In her free time you often find her in her vegetable garden, something that can make her intensely happy.

Personal Information

  • Naam: Demuynck
  • Voornaam: Babette
  • Telefoonnummer: +32 (0)476 644 572
  • Geboortedatum: 10/10/1989
  • Emailadres:


  • Sportvoedingsadvies op maat, Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel (2014)
  • Postgraduaat diabeteseducator, Thomas More Kempen (2013-2014)
  • Bachelor Voedings-en dieetkunde, KHLeuven (2010-2013)


  • Zelfstandige diëtiste - diabeteseducator
    • Wilsele, maakjenietdik (2014-2017)
    • Landen, Zorghuis de Maart (2015-2017)
    • Kortenberg, Facet (2016-2017)
    • Tienen, Motion Center (2017-2020)
    • Heverlee, Blom (2018-heden)
  • Lesgeefster/ gezondheidspromotor (2015-heden)
    • Logo Oost-Brabant
    • FSMB Vlaams-Brabant
    • CM
  • Oprichtster Kinderdiëtisten Vlaanderen (2017- heden)

Additionational trainings

  • Vegetarisme, Alpro Soja, 2019
  • Regelgeving diabeteszorg, zie jij het bos nog door de bomen? LMN Tienen Landen, 2019
  • Kinderobesitas in de praktijk, Zna, 2018
  • Metabolisme en obesitas, 2018
  • Workshop vegetarische en veganistische dagmenu’s samenstellen, Kintu, 2017
  • Congres vrouwen en voeding, Kintu, 2017
  • De nieuwe voedingsdriehoek, Vlaams Instituut Gezond Leven, 2017
  • Borstvoeding en stukjes eten van 0-3 jaar, Kinderdiëtisten Vlaanderen, 2017
  • Motiveren kan je leren, Logo Oost Brabant, 2017
  • 8-weekse cursus ACT Therapie, Allerge, 2016
  • Studiedag: Nonsens! Laat je niets wijsmaken, vraag raad aan je diëtiste, VBVD, 2016
  • Voeding van het jonge kind en de adolescent, UCLL, 2016
  • Diabetesbeurs Halle: zwangerschapsdiabetes en bewegen, diabeteswerkgroep Halle, 2016
  • Informatieavond diabetes Type 2, Commissie diabeteseducatoren VBVD, 2016
  • Voedselallergie- en intolerantie binnen de diëtistenpraktijk: fodmap en gluten, Allergiediëtisten, 2016
  • Multidisclipinaire workshop diabetes, Sint Trudo Ziekenhuis, 2016
  • Fodmaps en gluten: noodzaak, uitdaging of hype? VBVD, 2016
  • Voedselallergie- en intolerantie: dé epidemie van de 21ste eeuw? VBVD, 2015