Büsra Caylar

Büsra Caylar graduated as a dietitian in 2017 from the AP Hogeschool in Antwerp. Given her interest in nutrition and health, the choice of nutrition and diet science was made quickly. During her thesis she researched difficult eating behavior in young children. For this she developed a practical brochure for parents and educators. Büsra is currently training to specialize in counseling young children and adolescents. After her bachelor's degree she also followed a training in sports dietetics.

After graduating, she mainly gained experience in the food industry. However, the food industry did not satisfy her completely, because she prefers to work with patients.

Currently, Büsra works as a dietitian in the kitchen of the Antwerp University Hospital. In this role, she is responsible for the operation of the kitchen and the work organization with regard to diet food. She combines this with her job as an independent dietician at “De Voedingsbrug”.

In addition to her passion for guiding patients, Büsra also likes to work in the kitchen. She likes to try new healthy recipes. You can also come to her for healthy versions of tasty recipes.

Büsra guarantees scientifically based customized nutritional advice.

You can contact her for nutritional advice for both children and adults regarding:

  • Healthy diet, overweight and obesity
  • Cardiovascular conditions
  • Sports nutrition
  • Irritable bowels

Fun fact: consultations can also take place in Turkish. That can be useful sometimes!

Personal Information

  • Naam: Caylar
  • Voornaam: Büsra
  • Telefoonnummer:+32(0)487 210 120
  • Geboortedatum: 1994
  • E-mailadres:busra@devoedingsbrug.be


  • Voeding van het jonge kind en de adolescent, Thomas More Geel en UCLL Leuven (2020)
  • Sportvoedingsadvies op maat – sportdiëtetiek, Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel (2017)
  • Bachelor voedings- en dieetkunde, Arthesis Plantijn Hogeschool Antwerpen (2017)


  • Diëtiste Sodexo, UZA Edegem (2020-heden)
  • Product Information Specialist, Griffith Foods Herentals (2019)
  • Medewerker voedingsdeclaratie en etikettering, Fooddesk Oevel (2017-2018)


  • Klinische stage: diëtiste WZC Immaculata Edegem (2016)
  • Klinische stage: diëtiste WZC Sint-Jozef Lier (2016)
  • Bedrijfsstage: kwaliteitsmedewerker Green Yard Sint-Katelijne-Waver (2016)

Additionational trainings

  • Info-avond: “Moeilijke eters positief uitdagen: hoe doe je dat?”, Mechelen (2019)
  • Voedings- en gezondheidscongres, Brussel (2018)