Marie Denissen

Marie Denissen graduated from the AP Hogeschool in Antwerp in 2016. From an early age has healthy food and trying out new recipes her attention. Nevertheless, that interest was her first choice of study architecture. The third year of study in this direction, however, made for a turning point in which again the interest in nutrition and health in the foreground. Her professional motivation like them yet earlier in cooperation with people and to facilitate the search for the clinically correct individual nutrition and care treatment, is the most important. The logic and certain creative aspects of the architecture studies continue to indirectly influence anyway in the structure and decision-making process in treatment. During her internship, she is in contact with various cases around a certain issue. In her thesis, she has looked into the issue of malnutrition in  patients. The problems of malnutrition in general cuffs her and that this is a common problem turns out to be that sometimes too little attention, is shown during her internship in a retirement home. During this training, she also came to the conclusion that they missed the aspect of psychological support. To impart somewhat, she followed a clinical psychology course in Antwerp.

Her interest in sport and this combined with healthy food, she has also follow a course about sport and nutrition. After her studies was the urge to first to see something of the world something too big to immediately start as a dietitian. Travel jitters stakes on, were followed, but also the jitters to launch soon as dietician followed. . In september 2017 is Marie then started as a dietitian in the Sint-Jozefkliniek, Bornem where she especially accompanies obese patients, patiënt in malnutrition, gastrointestinal problems and intolerances.

In De Voedingsbrug, Marie can give you advice about, overweight, high cholesterol, irritable bowel syndrome, sports nutrition and oncology.

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Personal Information

  • Naam: Denissen
  • Voornaam: Marie
  • Telefoonnummer: 0468/21.29.30
  • Geboortedatum: 1991
  • E-mailadres:


  • Klinische psychologie, Centrum voor avondonderwijs, Antwerpen  (2017)
  • Sportvoedingsadviseur, Centrum voor avondonderwijs, Antwerpen  (2015)
  • Bachelor in ‘Voedings- en dieetkunde’, AP Hogeschool Antwerpen (2016)


  • (Klinische) diëtiste:dieetbegeleiding van gehospitaliseerde patiënten - maaltijdcontrole in de keuken
  • Sint-Jozefkliniek, Bornem (2017-heden)


  • Klinische stage WZC Mayerhof, Mortsel (2016)
  • Klinische stage AZ Klina, Brasschaat (2015)
  • Klinische stage AZ Sint-Maarten (2015)
  • Vrijwillige kijkstage Het laar, Merksem (2015)

Additionational trainings

    • Mediris Multi, communicatieplatform als EMD- Mediportal, Antwerpen (2018)
    • Start to Market, Antwerpen (2018)
    • Rol van de zelfstandige diëtist bij follow-up na bariatrische chirurgie, Brugge (2018)