How we work

In our work as dietitians we choose for a personal and a pragmatic approach towards our clients. When scheduling your intake consultation, we ask you always to mention a brief reason of the meeting. This makes it possible for us to meet your expectations.

In the first meeting we listen to your questions and we form an idea of your goals and wishes. Furthermore, we talk about your (medical) past and analyze your current diet and exercise pattern.

Furthermore, depending on the aim of the coaching, we will perform a number of measurements (eg. weight, waist circumference, body fat, Body Mass Index ...).

Based on the obtained information, individual focal points and goals are set up. Depending on the individual aims, it can take three to fifteen sessions to reach those goals.

Our ambition is to make you feel fit and vital again. This is what you can expect from us:

  • We help you choose the optimal dietary pattern that fits your life style
  • We answer all your questions concerning putting theorie into practice
  • We coach you step by step towards achieving goals that are both satisfactory and achievable
  • We provide you with tips and we work together to find strategies to help you persevere in the improvements you made in your dietary pattern (weekly menus, tools to teach you how to analyse labels on food products, recipes…)
  • We help you make changes that are sustainable