All consultations must be paid in cash or bancontact app.

If you do not cancel your appointment 24 hours in advance you will be charged the full price.

  Duration* Price
First consultation 60 minuten 60 euro
Follow-up consultation 30 minuten 30 euro
Online first online consultation 60 minuten 50 euro
Online follow up consultation 30 minuten 30 euro


(* The duration of follow-up consultations depends on the treatment plan, discuss this with your dietitian.)

Refund of the consultation cost

Depending on the health insurance fund of which you are a member, a reimbursement is provided for a dietician. Below you can find the overview.

Thanks to our NIHDI recognition you will receive partial reimbursement after referral from your doctor for:

  • Diabetes: preliminary process / care process< /li>
  • Chronic renal failure
  • Children (6-17 years)


Health Insurance Company



Christelijke Mutualiteit

40 euro after 4 sessions 

Max. 1x per


Liberale mutualiteit

60 euro after 6 sessions

1x per year


25 euro per year

1x per year

Vlaams Neutraal

50 euro after 5 sessions

1x per year


40 euro after 4 sessions

1x per 2 year

De Voorzorg

40 euro after 4 sessions

4x per year


30 euro after 3 sessions

1x per year


Comfort and Comfort Plus: 30 euro per year

1x per year